Welcome to Joe Ng’s Site

Here, I will take you on my life journey, through words.

This page was created for blogging purposes; teaching or personal. Join me on my journey!

St. Luke’s Catholic College, Marsden Park, is a K-12 school. This is where I am fortunate enough to work as a Primary K-6 Physical Education Teacher, a school which fosters a ‘new normal’. Click here to visit our school’s website.

I’m Possible Academy – A tutoring company like no other. We are a service that develops the child ‘holistically’ through Connection, Gratitude/Mindfulness, Individualised Learning and Physical Activity. For further information, please click here to read my blog about the company, or alternatively, click here to visit our website.

Blog – 25.11.20 – 1st Year Reflection

Blog – 15.9.20 – Incorporating Student Choice in Physical Education

Blog – 20.8.20 – Increasing St. Luke’s Physical Literacy

Blog – 9.8.20 – Times have Changed

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