Why I use music in my PE lessons..


This year, during all of my PE lessons so far, I have utilised a music speaker. Why? Because I believe it serves me a great purpose, and brings positive aspects to my lessons. Below are reasons why I use music in my teaching practice. 

  1. Structure. Before using the speaker, I inform all students why and how the speaker will be utilised during PE. Firstly, when the music is ON, the students know that they are either playing, communicating about the task, practising the focus point (the Learning Intention) of the lesson, or just completing the task in general. When the music is OFF, they know they need to stop, look for my whereabouts, and listen to my next instruction.
  2. A substitute to a whistle. The music speaker can serve as a substitute for a whistle. If the music is the loudest voice in the space at any given time, the whistle can sometimes be replaced. I as a PE teacher will always carry a whistle but the use of the speaker can allow me to save it, unless it is completely necessary.
  3. Saves my voice. Often, as a PE teacher, we have to deal with external factors such as – wind, loud voices (from students as they tend to be louder outside) and currently, building noises. So the speaker essentially does the talking for me. The sudden STOP of the music is powerful in the sense that all, or most of the students will stop what they are doing, and look for me for further instructions.
  4. Positivity. Last reason, who doesn’t like music? In general, music brings that calming, soothing and relaxing energy to any environment. This is why I place such a heavy emphasis on the use of music in my lessons. It brings positivity to the environment, it makes the lesson more enjoyable, and it allows the students to have fun. 

My why to the use of music. 

Joe Ng. 

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