With my recent appointment of Principal Leader of Sydney at I’m Possible Academy, I believe being a leader requires a number of qualities. The qualities that I am about to share are personal, but something I feel strongly about, qualities I see from captains of sporting teams, successful business owners, investors and the like, blended together to make a good leader. 

There are five main qualities in which I believe a good leader must show – 

Trust. This comes from the top and filters down to everyone in the company, team and environment. The leader must show trust in his/her team members to do their part for the better of the team. Trust that everyone is able to do their jobs, adhere to their responsibilities, for the better of the team, and to allow the whole team to achieve their common goal/s. 

Connection. This marries up with our first core value at I’m Possible Academy. Connection is vital. We are encouraged heavily to form that connection with our clients, that teacher-student, or tutor-student connection. So it is just as important for leaders to connect with his/her team. By doing so, they are forming a bond and forming an understanding of the team’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Communication. Open but appropriate communication is important. You may be pondering with what I mean by ‘appropriate’. Well, far too many people in power will often critique their team members in a negative way, in a way which is not helpful at all to that particular individual, in a way that hinders the performance of that particular team member even more. So yes, open communication is important for the success of a team however, good leaders must understand all of their members first, before finding the best possible method to critique them, if required. Furthermore, open and clear communication is vital. Communicating to the team about issues, general discussion points and important topics are all about being a good leader, keeping everyone in the loop of things. 

Flexibility + Adaptability. Things do not go to plan all the time. So it is vital for leaders to be flexible and adaptable at all times, and in all circumstances. Being able to think, create, innovate ideas, and solve problems in short periods of time for the better of the team, and for the company. As I wrote above within the ‘connection’ element, leaders must understand their team members’ strengths and weaknesses, and at times, leaders may need to fill the void of their team members’ weakness as well as other things. 

Empathy. Putting yourself into your team members’ shoes, and checking your ego at the door, or putting aside your power for a moment is crucial. Take a moment to understand the tough times that the team may be going through, as an individual or as a group, this is where you gain more respect from your team, by showing that you care, relate to what they are going through, and giving appropriate advice to help them. Good leaders sometimes need to understand that life is the most important thing, and on the occasional basis, the business, the team or individuals’ goals need to be put on hold temporarily to allow people to deal with their issues. That is empathy, from a business perspective. 

Suffice to say that all leaders are different and I am one of them. My attributes as a leader compared to our Founder of I’m Possible Academy, Nathan Campbell, is different. It is likely that his weaknesses are my strengths, his strengths are my weaknesses, and vice versa. This is why I am confident that our partnership moving forward will be beneficial and successful for I’m Possible Academy. The above qualities are the attributes I aim to show as a leader for the Inspirational Coaches and Parents, of this unique delivery of modern day tutoring service. 

Joe Ng. 

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