Teacher-Student Relationships

The Power of Fostering Teacher-Student Relationships

Teacher-Student Relationships, why is this so important?  Because in my opinion, Optimal learning occurs after a relationship has been built between teacher and student. To break this down, a lot of students today have the respect for elders and teachers however, do they learn best from them? Maybe, maybe not. I believe once students Trust and Connect with their teacher, that’s when they learn at their optimal level. 

So for me, currently working as a Physical Education (PE) Release from Face to Face (RFF) Teacher in the Primary Sector, at St. Luke’s in Marsden Park, I have the pleasure of teaching all the students. As I enter my sixth week at the school, I am forming these ‘Connections’ and ‘Relationships’ with as many students as I can. This will take time, forming Connection and Relationships does not happen overnight, but once these are formed, it is so rewarding as a teacher. And for me, when students trust what I do and connect with me, they will be able to succeed in all of my PE lessons.

Joe Ng.

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