2021 Goals

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Every year, I set some goals in terms of what I would like to achieve as a teacher for that particular year. Nothing has changed as I enter my sixth year of teaching, however, this time round, it will be shared with everyone which makes me more accountable of these expectations. So, for my first blog of 2021, I will share these goals with you. 

  1. Connection 

In my first blog as a St. Luke’s staff member last year, I wrote about the importance of building connections and relationships with students, which can be viewed here. Fostering connections and relationships should never cease, it must be ongoing and continuous. So this is my first goal; enhance the connection I established with students last year, and, to create and foster more relationships with other students. 

Last year, across the board in the K-6 environment, I would like to think that I did a reasonable job in creating these bonds with various students, and even with the older students too. Specifically the boys in Year 8 who played basketball, and the Year 9 boys who played handball on the regular basis. May I add that despite the regularity of practice, these boys could not defeat Team Pink Panthers in the Inaugural Student Handball Tournament! Keep on practicing boys, this year ‘could’ be your year! Affirmatively, the relationships that were fostered last year with students will be enhanced, and to the students I couldn’t build relationships with, it will be made! 

  1. Team Teaching  

2021 will present an opportunity to incorporate team teaching in Physical Education (PE). Dating back to my time at St. Michael’s in Blacktown, this teaching strategy was something that was performed daily, and something I was accustomed to. This year round, I look forward to ‘co-teaching’ with Mrs Katelyn Refalo; I can’t speak for her directly, but I hope the new team teaching aspect can bring a positive impact and experience to the students of St. Luke’s during PE. 

  1. Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS)

FMS is something that I feel so strongly about, and the reason why is outlined here in this blog – Increasing St. Luke’s Physical Literacy. In a short summary, if people don’t feel confident in doing the fundamental skills right, then they are less likely to continue with physical activity later on in their lives. So my role as a Primary PE Teacher is to develop, help, improve and further enhance all students’ FMS. These FMS are throwing, catching, running, skipping, hopping, balancing, leaping, kicking, hitting (2-handed strike), dodging, side galloping and (vertical) jumping. I have the power to develop these skills each day; so it is my responsibility to equip the students of St. Luke’s now, so that they have the confidence to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they leave our College. 

  1. Cultivation of School Community 

My next goal is to continue the cultivation of our school community – the expanding community. Through sport and games, this can be achieved, and proven last year, with the Monday Madness for Staff, and with the Student Handball Tournament. 

This year, and once again, my close colleague Mr Joe Borg and I, will be back with more plans and ideas to enhance the school community spirit. To conclude our last Monday Madness event in 2020, it was decided that it would be the ‘Battle of the Schools’ (within St. Luke’s) – School of Foundations (SOF) against School of Leadership (SOL), which proved efficient, as this attracted the most number of staff participants. Needless to say, Joe Borg and I, or commonly known as ‘JoeSquared’, will continue Monday Madness with this competitive approach in mind. Despite the competitive nature, this amicable event will achieve our aim of cultivating a school community. 

With sport between various schools, Sporting Carnivals, Gala Days and Representative Sports eradicated from the calendar last year, we took it upon ourselves to bring sport to St. Luke’s. It must be said that the Handball Tournament was a success! Throughout the tournament, a number of students requested more competitions to be played next year featuring a variety of sports. So this year’s goal is exactly that; to hold a number of sports for students to participate in with their peers across the year, with each term playing host to different sports. Principal, Mr Miller, has already suggested an idea in which he would like JoeSquared to utilise for the upcoming Winter Season – watch this space! 

  1. ‘Celebrate the Little Wins’

My final goal for the year is to ‘celebrate the little wins’ more with students during PE. You often hear the phrase ‘trust the process’ in many sporting codes, and also, in life. Well in Physical Education, it can be implemented as well, as I feel like it is often neglected. So I would like to do this a lot more this year; celebrate students’ individual achievement along the way – no matter how big or small. Why wait until the end? Why can’t we do it during their learning experience? If we do it during the learning experience, and show how proud we are of them, I feel like students will be more inclined to pursue the skill, or feel more grateful, and drive, to keep on going with the task at hand. 

So there they are, my five goals of 2021; Connection, Team Teaching, Fundamental Movement Skills, Cultivating Community, and Celebration of the Little Wins. I will address these in my final blog for the year, and evaluate them like we do so regularly as teachers. 

Joe Ng.

Published by Joe Ng

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2 thoughts on “2021 Goals

  1. Joe, you have certainly made wonderful connections with so so many students and staff through your passion for sport. Walking past the Kindy space on Friday and I noticed a group of boys excitedly pointing and cheering saying “There’s Mr N!” and. you were at least 100 m away from them! Keep up the culture building. Your work and the work of your other partner in crime, Joe Borg, are really contributing to a wonderful culture of morale-building – both for staff and students.


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