Building Student Spirit

St Luke’s Catholic College has been extremely supportive of our initiative to build student spirit through an extra curricular, pre to post school rotating sports program. This program titled “St Luke’s Connect” is designed on the foundations of camaraderie, faith and pride. The various tournaments are vertically streamed to adhere to the inclusive nature of the program with teachers encouraged to participate in weekly events. In turn, this builds student – teacher rapport and creates a community that shares in the joy of sport. St Luke’s Connect provides the opportunity to acknowledge the sacramental moments in everyday actions. With a communal goal of developing student pride, the program acts as a platform for the student community to support one another despite winning or losing. For foundation students, it teaches them about resilience, teamwork, sharing and acknowledging their peers’ strengths which are all important characteristics for each student to know. 

With the above initiative commencing, JoeSquared aims to expand this initiative further by creating opportunities for Arrunga and CELC students to be part of the sporting competitions, adjusting the parameters to fit our desired Whole School initiative. The events’ diverse rotation of games generate avenues for students to participate in sports they are confident in. By doing so, we are using the St. Luke’s Catholic College’s setting of Pre to Post School, to our advantage as we are being inclusive of all students within the context. 

We would like to acknowledge those who have generously shared reflections of St Luke’s Connect in the production of a reflective vlog, Building Student Spirit. In particular we would like to thank Melinda Bowd (Wellbeing Leader), Francis O’Callaghan (Teaching Educator Mission), Jamie McEvoy (Classroom Teacher) and various students from Stage 2 through to 5. It is affirming to hear how this initiative continues to enhance the school community. We are confident to conclude that these initiatives have a profound impact, an impact that we had never imagined but cannot imagine a future without it. 


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