JoeSquared (to the Power of 1)

As I write this blog, the feelings, emotions and thoughts are with complete lament as ‘JoeSquared’ will officially lose its title; as one member will be leaving at the conclusion of this year. Albeit, it is a sad reality for me, and I’m sure for Joe Borg as well, but it also comes with great satisfaction for him, his petrol money, car durability, and patience on the road. Prior to his departure, I would like to outline the impact Joe has had on me, and how I believe he has made me a better educator. 


Firstly, dating back to late January, 2020, both of us commenced our journey together at St. Luke’s Catholic College. Fast forward a couple of months, and after spending plenty of Recess and Lunch Times together where we ate, shared our educational views, beliefs and vision, we quickly established many common interests. One thing we wanted to achieve was to ‘cultivate a community’ through sport. This led to the development and creation of ‘Monday Madness’ and ‘Student Tournaments’ each term. Our ‘why’ can be viewed here.

Being An Inquirer 

For those who work closely with Joe, you can agree with me that he has a really creative mind when it comes to education! It is from his creative mind which sparked an interest and impelled me into developing an Integrated Unit which involved Physical Education and other subjects. With this urge and encouragement, I was able to collaborate with the Stage 3 Team, and plan a unit around Athletes with a Disability. Although this was not executed, as it was planned for Term 3, it can now be delivered in 2022. 

Special Bond

JoeSquared holds a special bond which his wife, Kristina, has been forced to accept. Occasionally (or regularly for that matter), she had to accept that our friendship is more superior than their marriage. Since Week 2 of Term 1, we have made it a habit to phone each other every morning on our commute to work. To vindicate how unique this bond is, I share two chronicles which will illustrate unequivocally how significant this connection has become: 

Example 1 – In the midst of our correspondence about classified topics, Kristina decided to call which resulted in Joe ‘rejecting’ her call, not once, but twice. As a result of this decision, I am unsure as to whether or not Joe received any dinner that night, but that’s a question for him. However, he may answer with “well worth it” or something along those lines. Sorry Kris.

Example 2 – More recently, the below eventuated:

*Kristina decided to call Joe* 

*Joe answers* 

Kristina – “Hello, am I currently interrupting ‘Joe-Time’”?

Joe – “Yes, you are”

*Kristina hangs up the phone*  

Fair to say that I will miss these calls! 

Fortunately through St. Luke’s, we were able to form such a special bond in which I can now consider Joe as a ‘good mate’. We have many common interests that we share, and as a result, our friendship will continue despite his vocational decision from 2022 and beyond. The one negative prior to his departure is that we never got the opportunity to teach a session together which I believe will be an opportunity missed. Although, Mr Miller, if you’re reading this, there are still two weeks before the 2021 School Year concludes….


Farewell to you Joe Borg, you will be missed dearly by all. You have taught me a lot and have made me a better educator. I will miss the immaturity we both possess in each other’s vicinity, and also the serious conversations about important aspects which revolve around education as well as other personal topics. St. Luke’s Catholic College lost an extremely passionate educator, but our loss is St Anthony‌ of ‌Padua ‌Catholic ‌College‌’s gain. Lastly, to conclude, I would like to share some Goodbyes from Joe’s peers – Melinda Bowd, Patrick Magsino & Hayley Caserino, Sonali Fernandez & Jamie McEvoy.  

JoeSquared may be gone; but the spirit will live on; the opportunities for staff and students MUST continue! 

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