Leading, Adapting and Learning

Ambrose Activities Club

With the privileged opportunity of being appointed the Ambrose Enhanced Care Program Leader, comes a great deal of responsibility. Retrospectively of the last two months, I share some learnings in which I have discovered about Leadership in the schooling environment. 


First and foremost, the importance of clear and concise communication, across any platform, is paramount. By having clear and concise communications to the team of five talented Masterclass Teachers, and to the Ambrose Staff, is important as it alleviates any ‘grey areas’, and ensures that all members understand what is required of them each week. Having all members within the Ambrose Space knowing and executing their roles optimally, will ensure the success of each and every afternoon, and most importantly, ensures the safety and the nurturing of all students. 


From the initial planning of the ‘daily structure’ which was outlined in January, to now, I can affirm that the plan has changed on numerous occasions. Initially, the thought process was to maintain the structures and routines that students were accustomed to in the previous ‘Activities Club’ setting. However, in collaboration with the Ambrose processes and procedures, we were able to collectively decipher an administrative strategy which would best suit the students’ and staffs’ needs. As expected, and now more than ever, adaptability is an important quality which is required for leadership.  

This journey of leadership will be an exciting one for me as a young educator. Daily challenges arise within the Ambrose space which I am excited about, as it provides me with opportunities to learn, grow and adapt to. Onwards and upwards for the rest of the 2022 year in this space, as there will be more challenges, excitement and opportunities ahead!

Lastly, I would like to commend the five teachers who have been appointed as Masterclass Teachers within the Ambrose Space – Hannah McKay, Lisa Garcia, Hayley Cascarino, Gina Pamintuan and Vanessa Muscat; the talent each of these teachers possess is tremendous, and the students are extremely fortunate to have them in the space on various afternoons. 

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