Midway through Term 2, Principal Greg Miller and I had a discussion about launching a whole College event known as the Games-A-Thon. Once confirmed and placed on the School Calendar, the preparation began in Week 8 of Term 2. The Games-A-Thon was scheduled to launch last year, however, COVID halted this. So, some of last year’s planning and structures were able to be utilised into this year’s event. 

Initially, it was intended that the event could just ‘rinse and repeat’ from last year, but it couldn’t entirely. Firstly, the staffing from last year to this year changed; and, the ground availability was also different as some areas within the College are being built or revamped. Therefore, adjustments to the coordination of activities had to be shifted from one point to another from last year’s plan to this year’s ploy. The above planning took two weeks to complete and the first draft was submitted. Once approved, the next stages had to take place..staff and student communications. 

Staff Communication 

Staff were told of the event a few weeks before the day. This allowed them the opportunity to review their roles on the day, ask questions and to prepare. All staff were great leading into the event and did whatever they had to do to prepare the best they could prior to the event. 

Student Communication 

The day before the event, an assembly was held for all Y5 to Y11 students to outline the structures of the day while the students in Kindergarten to Year 4 were briefed during my PE Classes. K-4 Students during the week, and Y5 – Y11 students all responded quite positively after the event was outlined to them. When observing, I think most of them were intrigued to witness how the day would go itself. 

The Day 

WOW! The event was a success from my end. Firstly, to Sam Paz and Melinda Bowd, who arrived at school early to assist with the setup of the day and to ensure all equipment were placed at the allocated areas, this help was immense! At 8.00am of that day, a Staff Briefing was held to outline the final instructions for the day. I opened with the following “the planning is all done, but we ALL need to execute”. Didn’t the staff do that.. Without the staff at St. Luke’s, irrespective of how much planning or preparation went into it, without their ‘buy-in’, the event wouldn’t have been a success at all. Next the students, although they knew that they couldn’t engage in all the activities set out for the day, generally speaking, all students had a good time with the activities! Their enthusiasm, engagement, peer support, energy and even competitiveness were all on display. The Year 11 students even got Julie Atkins, the College REC, and Principal Mr Miller, to engage at the Golden Child station. 

Review and Feedback 

Despite the happiness I had towards the inaugural event of Games-A-Thon at St. Luke’s, immediately, I had some things I could change moving forward for future events. This, in combination with the staff and student feedback will ensure that the next Games-A-Thon that is delivered will be enhanced and improved! 

Joe Ng. 

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