JoeSquared (to the Power of 1)

    As I write this blog, the feelings, emotions and thoughts are with complete lament as ‘JoeSquared’ will officially lose its title; as one member will be leaving at the conclusion of this year. Albeit, it is a sad reality for me, and I’m sure for Joe Borg as well, but it also comesContinue reading “JoeSquared (to the Power of 1)”

Building Student Spirit

St Luke’s Catholic College has been extremely supportive of our initiative to build student spirit through an extra curricular, pre to post school rotating sports program. This program titled “St Luke’s Connect” is designed on the foundations of camaraderie, faith and pride. The various tournaments are vertically streamed to adhere to the inclusive nature ofContinue reading “Building Student Spirit”

Teacher-Student Relationships

The Power of Fostering Teacher-Student Relationships Teacher-Student Relationships, why is this so important?  Because in my opinion, Optimal learning occurs after a relationship has been built between teacher and student. To break this down, a lot of students today have the respect for elders and teachers however, do they learn best from them? Maybe, maybeContinue reading “Teacher-Student Relationships”

Incorporating Student Choice in Physical Education

Incorporating ‘choice’ in Physical Education (PE) has brought many positive factors so far, especially in the School of Foundation. The excitement from the students when they hear ‘Choice Day’ is indescribable. A lesson which I generally exercise towards the end of a School Term is now being used regularly. The regular occurrence stems from ourContinue reading “Incorporating Student Choice in Physical Education”

Increasing St. Luke’s Physical Literacy

20.8.20 Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value, and engage in physical activity now, and for life (Keens & Dunstan, 2020). Simply, any child who does not feel confident in skipping, hopping, jumping, catching, throwing, or other basic movement skills, is likely to have a negative attitude towards physicalContinue reading “Increasing St. Luke’s Physical Literacy”

Incorporating Student Choice in PE

25.6.20 On Thursday, 25th of June, the following was said by a student in Year 1 – “This is the best lesson ever”. I hope this was said because today, I structured the PE lesson differently, and incorporated ‘student choice’ into the lesson. In our Community Professional Learning Meetings, our Leaders have said a numberContinue reading “Incorporating Student Choice in PE”