Increasing St. Luke’s Physical Literacy

20.8.20 Physical Literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value, and engage in physical activity now, and for life (Keens & Dunstan, 2020). Simply, any child who does not feel confident in skipping, hopping, jumping, catching, throwing, or other basic movement skills, is likely to have a negative attitude towards physicalContinue reading “Increasing St. Luke’s Physical Literacy”

Incorporating Student Choice in PE

25.6.20 On Thursday, 25th of June, the following was said by a student in Year 1 – “This is the best lesson ever”. I hope this was said because today, I structured the PE lesson differently, and incorporated ‘student choice’ into the lesson. In our Community Professional Learning Meetings, our Leaders have said a numberContinue reading “Incorporating Student Choice in PE”

The Relieved Return to Normality in Schools

On May 19th, the New South Wales (NSW) Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced in her daily Press Conference that NSW schools will go back to normal on May 25th, with the expectation of all students returning to school daily. For me as a teacher and for families, this brings positivity and relief. On the eve ofContinue reading “The Relieved Return to Normality in Schools”

Putting University Holidays into Good Practice..

I can recall my ‘mid-semester uni holidays’ – the five to six week break where there was a lot of time on my hands. I’m sure everyone who has studied, or currently studying, at a Tertiary level can agree. The first few days were relaxing, but as the holiday period wore on, personally, boredom tookContinue reading “Putting University Holidays into Good Practice..”

Why I use music in my PE lessons..

26.6.20 This year, during all of my PE lessons so far, I have utilised a music speaker. Why? Because I believe it serves me a great purpose, and brings positive aspects to my lessons. Below are reasons why I use music in my teaching practice.  Structure. Before using the speaker, I inform all students whyContinue reading “Why I use music in my PE lessons..”

I’m Possible Academy

The Introduction to I’m Possible Academy (IPA)  Firstly, who are we and what is I’m Possible Academy (IPA)? We are a Tutoring provider and we aim to deliver tutoring in an unique method where we look to improve, develop and shape our clients ‘holistically’. Through our four core values of; Connectedness, Gratitude/Mindfulness, Individualised Learning andContinue reading “I’m Possible Academy”