Why I use music in my PE lessons..

26.6.20 This year, during all of my PE lessons so far, I have utilised a music speaker. Why? Because I believe it serves me a great purpose, and brings positive aspects to my lessons. Below are reasons why I use music in my teaching practice.  Structure. Before using the speaker, I inform all students whyContinue reading “Why I use music in my PE lessons..”

I’m Possible Academy

The Introduction to I’m Possible Academy (IPA)  Firstly, who are we and what is I’m Possible Academy (IPA)? We are a Tutoring provider and we aim to deliver tutoring in an unique method where we look to improve, develop and shape our clients ‘holistically’. Through our four core values of; Connectedness, Gratitude/Mindfulness, Individualised Learning andContinue reading “I’m Possible Academy”